Love It Or Leave It News: Heartland is Fracked Edition


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas over environmental concerns has driven some residents desperate for extraction income to consider secession. As told by the LA Times:

Chief among those decisions has been the fracking ban, Price said. Local disappointment was sharpened by the knowledge that friends living a few miles away in Pennsylvania are thriving since energy companies began fracking there.

“It’s hard for them to accept that the line on the map makes such a huge difference,” said Price, adding that New York’s taxes, which are higher than Pennsylvania’s, add to residents’ ire.

In response, the climate change deniers at the Heartland Institute  gathered pundits who agree with the sedition-minded New York citizens on property rights grounds.

The state is wrong, too, to violate the property rights of its citizens. In effect, the ban on fracking expropriates the mineral rights of the citizens of the southern tier.

The property rights and economic welfare of the people in southern New York do not matter to Gov. Cuomo. 

Yet, Heartland is totally cool when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline builders seizing farmers’ land through eminent domain. Why is that?

Back in October of 2014, South Florida made a valiant effort to join the Republic of Awesome. Their beef is with the lack of government attention in Florida on climate change driven rising sea levels threatening their existence. With recent news that conservative Florida officials banned discussing terms like climate change and sustainability, officials from the city of South Miami reiterated their calls for secession:

It is estimated that there will be a sea-level rise of 3 to 6 feet by the end of the century, which would hit South Florida especially hard due to its very porous limestone rock, causing rapidly rising waters to come through the ground and flood inland areas.

“[Banning terms] is a total slam to South Florida, [which] requires more attention, more funds, and more investigation to deal with ever increasing problems,” Harris said. “Which is why I want to create a 51st state so we can deal directly with this issue and not have a Tallahassee.”

So one group wants to leave New York despite environmental concerns while another wants to leave Florida because of them?

That’s just business as usual in the ROA.


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