Love It or Leave It News: Boys State Brain Force


In Texas, where misguided secession talk is as ubiquitous as barbecue, a recent move to seriously debate rebelling from the Republic was defeated at the state GOP convention.

That didn’t stop the brightest young male minds in the state from doing the same. At the annual Texas Boys State convention in Austin, reports the Houston Chronicle, secession made a Jade Helm sized splash. The Boys State Senate passed a secession resolution 33-10. But the buzz kills in the mock teenage House voted it down by just four votes later in the day.

During Wednesday’s debate in the Boys State House session, Speaker Ryan Williams said that with 1,035 members of Boys State present — the largest Boys State ever in Texas — he wanted history to be made. During speeches, he and other supporters urged delegates to approve the secession bill because the federal government does not “accurately represent the wishes of Texas.”

In the end, concerns over the economy, education and military protection doomed passage. One participant, Chase Watkins, a supporter of the bill, acknowledged that if he was a real politician he would “never vote for this.”

“(The United States) allowed us to develop the culture we love as Texans,” said Drake Lamb, a participant from Houston. “Our pride, our patriotism, our barbecue. The United States granted that to us.”

Sorry Mr. Watkins, several adult “real politicians” in Texas have entertained faux revolt, including your math deficient former governor.

– Disaffected residents in rural counties in California, Oregon and Washington state have been dealt loss after loss in their effort to create a 51stState of Jefferson.” They got another stinging rebuke when the residents of California’s Lassen County voted down last week a secession referendum.

– The Southern Poverty Law Center has a new report called Line in the Sand. The SPLC is raising concerns over “A radical and growing organization of ‘constitutional sheriffs’ is promoting defiance of federal laws it doesn’t like.”

– During the summer of 1992 as part of my English major coursework I did an independent study of techno thrillers (true story, USD as PCU). While “Red Storm Rising” is the zenith of the genre, I did admire Stephen Coonts’ “Flight of the Intruder.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Coont’s newest work is a Texas Boys Stater fever dream and excerpted here in Glenn Beck’s the Blaze:

“Maybe Ben Steiner is right. Texas should become its own country.”

Jack Hays snorted. “Texas will become a nation over Barry Soetoro’s dead body. If he lets Texas go, a lot of other states will follow. Why should people who work for a living pay taxes to provide welfare to all those rats in the center cities? Explain that one to me.”


“Pay or we’ll burn it down and live in the ashes. The only people who worry about that kind of logic are politicians.”

“Texas could make it as an independent nation,” Nadine said, eyeing her husband.

“Horses***. American dollars are our currency—”

“Issue your own currency, backed by the state’s full faith and credit. That’s easy enough.”

– Finally, speaking of currency and specifically how to separate it from anti-government rubes, click if you dare to Alex Jones’ Info Wars site, the primary incubator for Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory du jour.

They’ve launched a new “True Patriot” movement lead by MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. According to Kennedy, “If I was going to attach an idea to it, it would be, dangerous freedom.”

But by the looks of it, the most dangerous thing about being a True Patriot is guzzling the crazy male virility potions they’re selling. Freedom through 20 milligrams of “Brain Force” awaits, Texas Boy Staters.

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