This Equals This

Bad policy, politics and greed are big contributors to our current clean water woes.

But as consumers we contribute, too. Farmers and food companies do response to demand. We’re the ones eating all that cheap meat after all.

How effective would it be to slap this on billboards and buses in Toledo? The idea would be to illustrate that cheap food really isn’t cheap when externalities like water pollution from feedlots and CAFOs and intensive feed grain production are factored in.


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For over fifteen years I’ve investigated and written about America’s worst polluters from the gas fields of North Dakota to the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve been a Senior Advisor for the Environmental Working Group and a Senior Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund. As a freelance journalist, I’ve written for Politico, the Washington DC City Paper, the Huffington Post, Grist, Civil Eats and the Food and Environment Reporting Network.

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